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Important Facts & Figures About Mold Damage & Restoration

Published by Allegra on October 19, 2021 in category: Uncategorized

911 Restoration Mold Damage West Los AngelesYou’ve probably come across patches of green fungi in your attic or the corners of your basement. It is also commonly found in humid bathroom walls and shower curtains. That is what mold damage is, and it spreads quickly if not treated immediately. Did you know it needs less than 48 hours to begin growing?

If not, there are many other important facts about mold that people are not commonly aware of. Knowing them early on can help you protect yourself and your family from the health issues caused by mold damage. Not only that, but you can also save your house’s structural integrity and the value of your home if you take steps to remediate mold damage early on.

Reach out to reputable restoration companies that could help you fight against mold damage and make your home a safe place to live in. If you’re in West Los Angeles, 911 Restoration is at your service!

Here are 6 facts you need to know about mold damage;

1)   Mold Needs Moisture and Food to Grow

Mold is a type of fungi in the form of spores, and it can survive in extreme conditions. You will come across mold growth a lot outdoors, but that mold can easily get indoors too through open doors, windows, air ducts, vents, and even attached to clothes or shoes.

Once mold finds the perfect area to grow in, it will start growing. Mostly mold would get attached to organic food available in abundance. The food sources for mold are wood, fabric and upholstery, grout, paint, leather, paper, insulation materials, carpet, and many more.

What kick-starts mold growth in homes is water damage causing humidity and moisture in that area. Inspect for leaky roofs or leaky pipes if you spot mold in any of your rooms. They will reproduce quickly and spread within 48 hours if the root cause of mold damage is not treated immediately.

2)   There Are Over 10,000 Species of Mold

Surprisingly, there are more species than we could ever imagine, but only 5 of them are commonly found indoors. Here are the 2 of the 5 most common household molds you might come across if you have mold damage;

  • Alternaria: this is found in buildings after water damage. It is usually black, grey, or dark brown and has a wooly texture. This mold can cause various allergic reactions and asthma attacks.
  • Aspergillus: if you live in a warmer climate, this is the type of mold you would find in your home. It is grey, brown, yellow, green, white, or black. Like Alternaria, it can cause allergic reactions and more serious respiratory infections, and inflammation of the lungs in people with weak immune systems.

3)   Mold Develops Often Remains Hidden for A Long Time

If all the conditions are right for mold growth, then mold can grow quickly within 48 hours but still, most of the time, it stays hidden and is only sighted once it grows out of inconspicuous areas such as inside walls, within the HVAC system, in dark, damp places, behind leaky appliances, and within the insulation.

4)   Mold Can Grow On Christmas Trees

Did you know your Christmas celebration can also cause mold growth in your homes? Live Christmas trees, fresh from the woods, can have mold spores on them. Bringing them into your house can cause mold spores to attach to items such as walls, wooden cabinets, etc. The warmth inside the home and moisture on the tree can trigger mold growth on its branches.

If you want to prevent mold spores from entering your safe home, use artificial Christmas trees indoors or if it’s a family tradition to use real trees, then hose them down before you bring them in and take them out as soon as Christmas is over.

5)   Bleach Does Not Kill Mold Spores

Many DIY methods involve using a bleach solution to clean and kill the mold, but the truth is that bleach kills live mold and not mold spores. Sometimes, removing mold with bleach can even make it grow at a quicker pace. That is why it is recommended not to remove mold infestation on your own and reach out to a restoration company before the damage becomes too severe and costly. 911 Restoration uses proper techniques and has skilled professional workers to help you remediate mold damage.

6)   Insurance Policies Often Do Not Cover Mold

Often, mold damage is not covered by insurance policies, and it is only covered in certain situations. Mold remediation is covered if accidents like fire, lightning, or sudden water issues cause mold damage. The insurance company will cover the cost of restoring your home after mold damage if the source of mold growth is moisture due to neglected maintenance of the property. Have a budget in mind when you’re calling restoration companies for help, and it is advised to maintain appliances in your home yearly to prevent mold damage.

Call 911 Restoration Now!

If you’re looking for restoration companies in West Los Angeles during this challenging time, reputable companies like 911 Restoration have years of experience restoring mold damage. We provide restoration services 24/7/365, with 45 minutes or less guaranteed arrival time.

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